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The Readymade Century

About This Series

The Readymade Century

One hundred years after Duchamp’s (in)famous Fountain (1917) the focus of the symposium is the contemporary readymade. By integrating perspectives of cultural theory and artistic research, The Readymade Century will examine the concept in terms of the circulation of goods in the age of globalization, of on-demand or just-in-time production and new conflict zones regarding intellectual property. In doing so, it ties into the radical nature of Duchamp’s gesture and relocates it against the backdrop of current aesthetic possibilities in a postindustrial and postdigital present. The symposium takes on an intercultural perspective, considering the status of ethnological objects that are removed from their everyday utility value and are given exhibition value as unique items.

In the panels art historians, theorists, and artists open up the dialogue between theoretical research and artistic practice

Curated by Dieter Daniels

Archived Talks