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About This Series


Can we trust the sources and can the sources trust us?

TRUTH-TELLERS, the 10th conference of the Disruption Network Lab, aims to reflect on the impact of speaking out, leaking, and whistleblowing from a technological, cultural and artistic perspective. If speaking out is a mean to expose wrongdoing, misconducts, and inform about unknown facts that must be revealed, an in-depth analysis of the consequences of this act is needed.

This is of importance not only for the sources of whistleblowing and leaking, facing serious charges in a vulnerable context of safety and protection, but also for all the people – from journalists to hacktivists – who directly or indirectly share the responsibility of spreading sensitive issues in the broader context of politics and society. Alongside, the concept of "truth-telling" is often ambiguous and questionable, being hard to determine the validity of the sources, especially in the digital realm.

This event brings together computer scientists, activists, privacy advocates, investigative journalists and researchers who have been working actively on the topic of truth-telling, running leak platforms and working for exposing misconducts and wrong doing, as well as artists that have been creatively working with the concept of truth, by questioning it in the online and offline realm through their artistic practices. From one side, we aim to reflect on the act of producing evidences within the debate on surveillance, whistleblowing, transparency, social justice, and freedom of information; from the other side, artistic and activist projects working on multiple truths, viral rumors and fictional legends will be presented.

This two-day conference not only aims to question the issues of truth and evidence in a conceptual way, but also aims to investigate the structural aspect of this debate, by analysing concretely the effects of disclosures, the work of the sources, and the conscious understanding of the consequences of speaking out.

Archived Talks