CAT Cologne

CAT Cologne

CAT is the abbreviation for ‘Community Art Team’. CAT‘s mandate is to offer young international artists a scholarship to spend some time in

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CAT (‘Community Art Team’) is a non-profit organization/artist residency that offers since 2010 scholarships to young international artists to spend some time in Cologne in order to realize an art project. All projects are documented with an exhibition and a catalogue.
 CAT‘s mandate is to support the dialogue between the diverse communities of Cologne. By means of international collaborations we want to bring new vibes to the city.

Artistic engagement that was originally considered “community-based art” has now also entered the field of contemporary art under terms such as ‘aesthetic actionism’ and provides answers to questions of substainability and relevance of art, also for socio-political fields. The concept is based on art’s immanent power and on the conviction to be able to reach much more through conjoint projects and experiences as well as to advance to further levels of consciousness. The projects task is to engage the community to their own constructive actionism by providing clever and creative means of participation.