Digital  Bauhaus

Digital Bauhaus

Annual Summit for the Creative Economy in Weimar, Germany.

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Date: June 3-4, 2016 Location: Weimar

The Digital Bauhaus Summit 2016 invites you to engage with us in the thought experiment of Luxury Communism: a society in which the productivity of intelligent computing and automated industries will not just increase the profits of a small techno-capitalist elite but benefit all its members equally. Where machines relieve the people from the burden of paid labour altogether.

In this vision of the future, what is the role of transhumanists, cyborgs, Peer2Peer enthusiasts and the urban garden of the commons? We tap into the current state of the digital discourse, gathering thinkers and doers for a critical debate around topics including automation, algorithms, smart machines & dreams of technological singularity.

Together, we will address the next big design challenges: What society do we want to live in? Will AI make us more or less human? How to deal with the end of work as we know it? And how to distribute the wealth created by accelerating automation?

Digital Bauhaus is an annual summit for the creative economy. Set in Weimar, home of the original Bauhaus, it focuses on a specific topic each year and features hands-on workshops, keynote talks, panels, and ample time and space for exchange and dialogue among the participants. Join us in Weimar this summer for two exciting days of lectures and workshops, debates and dialogues, playful explorations and intense intellectual exchanges.

No Talks scheduled at this time.