Global Health Conference

Global Health Conference

a one-day Global Health Conference about "Globalisation, Refugees and Health"

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12 September 2015, Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum

The Institute for Social medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin) and IPPNW offer a one-day Global Health Conference about "Globalisation, Refugees and Health"

People have many reasons for leaving their home country: war, violence, poverty, no prospects, a repressive political system that forces them to flee in order to survive, or maybe they are just seeking a better life somewhere else. The major concern people have when migrating may not be access to a health system, but such access is essential for their health. Many refugees will encounter high-risk situations for their mental and physical well-being on the way. People often have left behind a life in a war zone or in extreme poverty, or both, and may endure great hardship and violence on their journey to a destination country where restrictive health policies deny them adequate help for their needs.

During our 4th public Global Health Conference we will discuss this subject, currently topical but by no means new. We will think about how to approach this discussion openly and inclusively, without stereotyping, stigmatising or generalising, while remaining aware of our own powerful and “privileged” Eurocentric viewpoint. We want to discover, together with academia and civil society organisations, what can be done practically and what should we demand politically in our democracies. Different voices will represent current developments, alternative approaches and future perspectives during the day. An interdisciplinary panel including physicians, social scientists and activists will debate the burning issues and jointly outline ways forward.

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