ngbk  neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

ngbk neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

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The nGbK is an open house. The work of the art society is transparent. Guests are welcome at all meetings of the membership; its exhibitions and events are free. nGbK projects address important social issues and seek to make a substantive contribution, to provide forums for debate and to deepen knowledge. As a matter of principle, the exhibitions and events are open to all. The nGbK programme is characterized by issues that move society; it can thus act as a kind of (cultural) policy seismograph. In the process subjects regarded as being taboo are broached again and again, testing to see what artistic strategies can achieve. For many, the nGbK provides a suitable platform for experimentation, a place for the realization of ideas and part of a public network at which to test the political efficacy of art.

No Talks scheduled at this time.