Virgil Bascombe

Big Virge

Spoken Word Artist.

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A man of spoken words, who deals with the injustices of the world. Articulate, intelligent & highly emotive. A wordsmith who stirs the coolest of cats, as I express on my experiences without feeling the need to tailor my words to gain attention. My style is confrontational, direct and often outspoken. My words are delivered with eloquence, and carried with a sting of clarity, a characteristic, inherited from my mother, an ex-school teacher and psychiatric nurse. She died from a 16 year struggle with MS in 2004, in my arms. I had been her principal carer after my father left, upon finding out about her illness. Poetry has been a way to channel the pain, managing to fight adversity with little respect. My candid, thought provoking style was a more natural way to tackle my struggles, and has roots in my musical and cultural loves. Everyone from Krs-One, Chuck D and Ray Charles to Fela Kuti, Gil Scott Heron, Maya Angelou, Big Youth and Muhammad Ali. I pride myself in being a thought provoking wordsmith with a unique voice and presence !

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